State-level high-tech Industrial Development Zone Fuxin Liaoning.



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Finance Department:0418-2901671  0418-2901187

Ministry of Personnel:0418-2901752  0418-2901712

Office:0418-2900095  0418-2900927(FAX)

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International Business Department:0418-2901154

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Entrepreneurial spirit: hard work, self-improvement, down-to-earth, pioneering

Governing enterprise philosophy: unity, truth-seeking, development

Announcement: Huanyu brand conveyor belt delivers efficiency and safety for you.

Universal belt, the most trusted by users


Quality Management System: Focusing on quality management, radiating basic management and pursuing performance excellence

"Four Me" Thought: Quality----My Life Famous Brand----My Soul Service----My Commitment Market----My Foothold

Brand awareness: integrity creates brand, quality is the cornerstone of brand

Implement brand strategy to build core competitiveness

Integrated policy: create a safe and clean working environment, produce high quality environmentally friendly rubber products

The concept of harmony: the company is people-oriented, employees are proud of the factory

Adhere to the people-oriented, build a harmonious enterprise

Unity, truth-seeking, excellence, harmony, innovation, development

Employee Code: Comply with regular factory laws and strive to be a good employee