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The party committee comprehensively publicized and implemented the activities of “screening problems and selecting benefits”

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In order to fully implement and implement the spirit of the Group's Party and Government Joint Conference on carrying out the activities of “screening issues and selecting benefits” throughout the company, and fully cooperate with this activity, we will comprehensively promote the realization of the comprehensive plan for the whole year through this activity. as follows:


First, the activity time: throughout the entire process


Second, the guiding ideology: with the "screening problem, selection and efficiency" activities as a carrier, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of party members and cadres and the broad masses of employees, tap the potential, innovate and create results, enhance positive energy, and form a group in the fourth quarter activities A strong atmosphere of innovation and full staff.


Third, the activity content:


(1) Publicity and publicity are in place:


It is necessary to mobilize the active participation of employees through extensive publicity in various forms. Through the convening of the squad leader meeting, each branch also uses the electronic screen to publicize the "screening problem, selection and benefit" program, so that everyone knows, clarifies the meaning and purpose of the event, everyone participates, and the party and mass departments and the grassroots branches pass the discussion. We will wait for different forms, solicit opinions and suggestions from all sides, and make full use of the internal media to promote public opinion.


(2) Coordinated implementation in place


1. Collaborate on implementation, conscientiously organize and implement, and convene a meeting of the grassroots party general branch, branch secretary, and trade union chairman. Communicate the spirit of the party and government joint meeting of the group, implement the "screening problem, election efficiency" program, find out the factors affecting the efficiency and increase the efficiency of the work of the party and the masses, and revise, improve and improve the various systems of the party and the masses. The system and assessment further standardize the work of the party and the masses and better serve the production management.


2. In coordination with the formulation of measures, each branch shall, in accordance with the overall requirements of the group, and the actual cooperation with the unit, formulate a specific activity plan suitable for the actual situation of the unit. During the activity period, party workers shall take the initiative to implement the grassroots level, and the implementation progress of the activity shall be At the party affairs coordination meeting at the beginning and end of each month, we will report the problem points and efficiency gain points we have found, what measures we have taken, and what we have received.


3. Coordinating process problems, combined with the activities of “screening problems and selecting benefits”, the grassroots branch secretaries must do a good job in party members' project activities. The trade unions should organize a monthly rationalization proposal collection activity, and the grassroots branches should cooperate with the administrative development. Leather, energy conservation and consumption reduction, innovation achievements project activities, coordination and solving problems in the process of activities, is the activity to achieve results.


4. Collaborative summing up, the party and mass departments and the grassroots branches will strictly follow the activity plan, attach great importance to it, implement it promptly, and strive for practical results. Responsible for organizing, coordinating and coordinating, summing up the results of the activities in a timely manner, for special achievements and achievements. Units and individuals can be used as recommended conditions for “everyone on the list”. For typical results, the city-level innovation results can be declared to ensure that the activities are effective.


(3) The propaganda results are in place. Consolidate the results of the event


For the monthly, quarterly and whole activities, technological innovation, management innovation, small reforms, new benefits, and other aspects of advanced models and innovations will be widely publicized through various media to achieve the goal of consolidating results through publicity. .




Fourth, the activity requirements:


(1) Each grassroots branch should be layered and implemented at the same level, so that every employee can understand the content, objectives and objectives of the event. It is necessary to organize this activity with practical actions, and to be solid and practical. Activities should be closely integrated with the work of the departments and branches, identify problems, propose benefits, and make careful arrangements.




(2) Taking the “screening problem and selection benefit” activity carried out by the group company as an opportunity to achieve the goal of full participation, deep tapping potential, consolidating management and increasing efficiency, and ultimately maximizing benefits.


Huanyu Group Party Committee


October 2015