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Fuxin Huanyu Group - the home of national model workers

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Fuxin Huanyu Group Trade Union Committee won the honorary title of “National Model Workers Home” in 2015

The machine belt branch factory union won the honorary title of “Model Workers’ Small Family” in Liaoning Province in 2015

The refining and plastics branch was awarded the “Top Ten Innovations of Liaoning Workers”

Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Decision of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on the commendation of the National Model Workers' Home, the National Model Workers' Small Family, and the National Excellent Trade Union Workers" and the "Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions" to commend the model workers' homes in Liaoning Province. The decision of the model workers' small family and excellent trade union workers, the trade union committee of Fuxin Huanyu Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “National Model Workers' Home” in 2015; the machine belt branch factory was awarded the “Model Workers’ Small in 2015” in Liaoning Province. Home" honorary title. At the commendation meeting of the “May 1st” and “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for the establishment of the labor competition in Liaoning Province, the refining and plastics factory won the “Top Ten Innovation Achievements of Liaoning Province Workers”. This is the national and provincial honorary title obtained by the Group's Trade Union Committee after the transformation of Huanyu Group.

The honorary title of "National Model Workers' Home" was established by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. It is the highest honor for the national trade union system to commend advanced collectives and the highest commendation of the state for grassroots trade unions.