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Do a good job in training and lay down basic management

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Grasping the training of the team leader is one of the important contents of efforts to build the basic management of the enterprise. Since the restructuring of the company, the Group has not relaxed the training of the overall quality of the grassroots team leader, and has trained in various aspects of knowledge. The form of training is also constantly innovating according to the development of the company. This year, with the continuous development of the group's relocation, transformation and construction, the new factory, new equipment and new environment will bring new challenges and new requirements to the cadres and employees. How to make the employees unify their thinking and actions and adapt to the company as soon as possible. The new development situation is actively involved in the company's production and operation. The company’s party committee decided to use the public break in early September to hold a three-day training course for senior executives and squad leaders. This training course consisted of 18 company executives, 12 middle-level cadres, and 53 squad leaders from the grassroots level. .


The first training course is for senior management and the second is for squad leader training. It is divided into two parts. The training content of senior executives is mainly led by Ding Wei, the executive deputy general manager of the company, who is presenting the status quo and trend of domestic and international conveyor belt production equipment. The chief accountant Yan Hui is responsible for the financial knowledge that senior executives should master. Their lecture content Strive for practicality and easy to understand so that the participants benefit greatly. It is generally felt that such teaching styles should be further promoted, so that the quality of most leading cadres and professionals in training can be improved.


The training of the squad leader was novel and ingenious. Chairman Meng Fan explained to the squad leaders the situation and development of the Huanyu Rubber Group. The vice chairman of the board of directors Cao Changbin gave a lecture on the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Huanyu Group, as well as Li Dong, Zhang Chunlei, Meng Xiangwu, etc. The technical management and quality management of the team led by his relevant leaders, the production, operation, equipment and safety management of the team. The content of the lectures strives to enrich the content, from shallow to deep, and at the same level, focusing on improving the on-site management ability, comprehensive management ability and management execution ability of the team leader to enrich management knowledge and improve management skills. The lectures are flexible and diverse, close to reality, and effective, and are well received by the monitors.


During the training period, the experience exchange and the squad leader's discussion were integrated into the training. The squad leaders spoke freely, exchanged experiences and made rational suggestions. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the squad leaders, cultivate the team sense and collective sense of honor of the students, create a relaxed learning environment for everyone, and organize a variety of activities such as group evenings, mountaineering activities and outreach training during the training. content. The squad leaders have increased their knowledge, expanded their horizons, increased their talents, and enhanced their sense of teamwork.


At the opening ceremony, Li Shuwang, the deputy secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the labor union, made a brief opening ceremony and read out the relevant regulations of the training class. Chairman Meng Fan has let everyone introduce themselves in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. And talk about family, work, and ideals. Everyone speaks freely and the atmosphere is very warm. Later, when talking about the company's development situation, Chairman Meng discussed the concept of employing people, such as "recognizing people, accommodating people, employing people, believing people, educating people, protecting people, and honouring people", and put forward the "discovering talents' understanding mechanism. Haina Baichuan has a large tolerance mechanism, highly convinced that people are not closely related to people, the relationship between training and training, caring for employees to be like protecting themselves, reward mechanism is the main tool for mobilizing enthusiasm, etc. There is a sense of pride, which leads to the execution of "there are orders, and there are prohibitions." A lively class for the squad leader.


The purpose of this training course is to better play the role of the military officers through the training of the squad leaders, continuously improve the on-site management capabilities, strengthen the team management awareness, and better implement the company's work policy, to achieve the company The output in the second half of the year was 5.67 million square meters, with a total annual output of 10 million square meters and a profit of 10 million yuan.