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(Excellent experts) make technology an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development

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——Ming Fan, the outstanding expert of the province and the chairman of Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Group


Our reporter Song Baoling


In the early winter season, I entered the Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Group, and I heard the roar of the machinery. The various machine tools in the workshop were running at high speed and there was a busy scene everywhere. As an old factory with a long history in our city, this company, which was originally composed of only 10 technicians, has undergone changes and has now developed into a well-known enterprise with an annual profit of nearly 50 million.


When mentioning the history of the company's development, everyone will mention a name - Meng Fanyou, party secretary and chairman of Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Group. Over the years, Meng Fan has led the company along the way, becoming the leader of employee trust. Meng Fanyou believes that technological innovation has given the company an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development.


As an entrepreneur, Meng Fan is also a professional. In recent years, he has set an example in his work, strictly demanding himself, and strengthening his studies as soon as he has time. Not only has he obtained the qualifications of a professor-level senior engineer, but he is also responsible for drafting a large number of production process documents, which are positioned as national standards and successively in the same industry across the country. Implemented in the enterprise. He led the research team to obtain 15 new product patent certificates, and won several provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards.


Hydraulic cylinder products have always been a short-board for the development of the hydraulic industry in the city. Meng Fan has led the group to cooperate with "China Aerospace" to complete this short board. At present, the company's hydraulic cylinder products cover the automotive industry, construction machinery industry and all mechanical industry control systems. The enterprise products Huanyu IV-GF heat-resistant conveyor belt, environmentally friendly flame-retardant conveyor belt and other products have filled the blank of this field of China's conveyor belt products. Under the leadership of Meng Fanyou, the company has won the honors of “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand”, “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Top Ten Chinese Conveyor Belt Enterprises”.


The head geese lead the way to the geese flying. At present, Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Group has become an enterprise with annual sales income of more than 600 million yuan. In the past five years, it has delivered more than 65 million square meters of various conveyor belts throughout the country. And Meng Fan has also won the first "China's top ten industrial economics", "China's development of national industry top ten meritorious figures", "China's rubber industry scientific development leader", "Liaoning Province labor model" and other honors.


In the face of countless honours, Meng Fan has thanked his staff from the bottom of his heart. He said that honor only shows the past, and in order to accelerate the company's take-off, he will continue to make great strides in the field of technological innovation.