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My company has all kinds of engineering and technical personnel 398, including a senior titles of 23, has a master's degree 3, 45 undergraduate degree. There are 110 engineering and technical personnel directly engaged in conveyor design, development and technology management, the company is Liaoning Province Rubber Engineering Research Center, jointly established a research and development center with universities, for the special needs of the user can quickly design, research and development to ensure advanced technology, meet the requirements of the special conditions.

Company testing center have national qualification test center covers an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters, with all kinds of detection equipment 80, detection means complete, advanced equipment, and by chemical manufacturers of quality supervision, inspection and certification bodies to review, to fully needed to complete the company's production of rubber, reinforcing materials and chemical materials, quality inspection; the same time, by the inspection and testing of finished products manufactured before the test center is responsible for the production process of semi-finished products, to achieve the effective control of the production process, while the completion of the static After the performance test standard, it can be multi-purpose dynamic simulator Liaoning University of Engineering and technical design for dynamic life test, and ultimately achieve user requirements.

The company has learned over the years in the advanced production technology and first-class production equipment, full computer control from the ingredients, mixing, a type of plastic material with shaping to cure, the operator strictly implement the technology, the production process with a computer monitor, in every process has the appearance and size of a full-time quality inspector checks to ensure product quality standards.

The company has specialized conveyor belt installation, maintenance guide team can provide the technical services include conveyor belt joint, including the user, the user can install or commission the installation in accordance with joint compound and technical information provided by the company on their own. Ensure the joint firm and reliable. Joint work by our technical requirements, you can achieve the same with the body joint strength, to ensure the safe operation of the conveyor belt.