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(A) talent

1, talent is the source of the competitiveness of companies, is a major wealth creator company, welcomed the recognition of the corporate culture and management philosophy of management and professional and technical personnel.

2, promote corporate culture and career development to attract talent, a good salary and benefits of the organizational climate and encourage talent, talent, but do not give talent.

3, emphasis on human care, focusing on the establishment of friendly, harmony, full human health and harmonious labor relations, the pursuit of common development of enterprises and employees of long-term goals.

(B) Cadres and professional management

1, the company is committed to build a Universal Group to adapt to future development needs, in line with management and professional personnel, "knowledge", "young", "professional" requirement.

2, the selection of cadres, follow the principle of "ability and political integrity" of. The ability to lead a team, to train people as an important factor in determining promotion and treatment managers.

3, the main high-level cadres to their own culture; middle-level cadres to internal culture based; the selection of grassroots cadres to internal promotion based.

4, focusing on the introduction of external professionals, build a good working atmosphere and spacious space for the introduction of appropriate professionals.

(C) Employee Relationship Management

1, employees are our most important asset, established between the company and employees a healthy labor relations, improve employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover outstanding.

2, follow the national laws and regulations, to sign labor contracts with employees. Improve production operations environment, improve labor protection measures to prevent occupational diseases.

3, in the "fact-based, people-centered" principle handling employee complaints and labor disputes, based on facts and dealt with promptly, do not stay hidden, reduce business risk.