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Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Co., Ltd.

Located at the national High-tech Development Zone in Fuxin, Liaoning, Huanyu Group is a large business group that serves such industries as transportation, metallurgy, coal, harbor, power, building material, aviation, spaceflight, and military projects. Through years of unremitting efforts, Huanyu Group has become a modern technology-based business group that focuses on rubber conveyer belt series and the research, development, production and sale of coal hydraulic support and multi-stage hydraulic cylinder for automobiles and engineering machinery. Besides, it also branches out in real estate development and service industry.  




  Over the years, Huanyu has received more than 300 honorary titles successively, such as “Chinese brand name”, “famous trademark of China”, “national enterprise that abides by contract and keeps words”, “key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan”, “national high-tech enterprise”, “demonstration enterprise in the application of CIMS under the national 863 Program”, “research base of corporate postdoctors in Liaoning”, “advanced unit in intellectual property in Liaoning”, “demonstration enterprise in patent industrialization in Liaoning”, “research center in rubber engineering technology in Fuxin, Liaoning”, and “provincial enterprise technology center”.     Huanyu Group has several subsidiaries, including Fuxin Huanyu Rubber Co., Ltd., Liaoning Alpha Hydraumatic Co., Ltd., Liaoning Spaceflight Shenkun Equipment Co., Ltd., and Fuxin Huanyu Industrial Co., Ltd. Fuxin Huanyu Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. is the core company of Huanyu Group, the vice president company of China Rubber Industry Association, vice president unit of China Rubber Industry Association, Guandai branch, one of the top ten enterprises in China’s rubber conveyor belt industry; now we have become the main production base of China’s high-strength conveyor belt.        

  Liaoning Alpha Hydraumatic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that is jointly established by Fuxin Huanyu Group and No. 1 Research Institute of China Aerospace Technology Group. Its leading products include the “Space Blue Speed” multistage cylinder for dumpers as well as engineering machinery hydrocylinders. By using advanced aviation, spaceflight and military hydraulic technology, it has offered complete products and service for aviation, spaceflight, national defense modernization construction and the local economy.   

  Jointly established by Huanyu Group and No. 7 Research Institute of China Aerospace Technology Group, Liaoning Spaceflight Shenkun Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates production, sale, service and scientific research. Its leading product includes the high-end hydraulic support controlled by “Shenkun” remote sensing electric liquid for mining. Supported by full-fledged research, production and experiment system and powerful technical strength, Shenkun Equipment gives play to its powerful strength in aviation, spaceflight and in the integration and professionalization of military project system to start from the research of high-end hydraulic support and service market and to engage in the independent development, production and product service of cutting-edge technical equipment for mining.    

  Since China designated Fuxin- a resource-exhausted city as an experimental city for economic transition, Huanyu Group, as one of the key enterprises for the local industry, has been been taking the lead in the local economic transition and made great contribution to the industrial economic growth of Fuxin. Guided under the scientific outlook on development and the principle of sustainable development, Huanyu Group is elaborately designing its development strategy, resolves to turn Huanyu Group into a strong, professional, diverse, technology-based business with long-term development whose business is cross-industry, cross-regional and involves multiple industries. Following the business concept of “integrity, win-win outcome and innovation”, we shall strive to turn Huanyu into a century business.